Useful Resources

U.S. embassy and consular offices around the world

Foreign embassies and consular offices in the United States

U.S. passport information including application and renewal, as well as instructions for reporting a lost or stolen passport

Travel registration is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country, so officials can contact them in case of an emergency.

Students Abroad provides Department of State information on travel documentation, embassies, emergency planning, travel insurance, health, careers, cultural exchanges, and maps.

Transportation Security Administration Familiarize yourself with the current TSA luggage guidelines for air travel and find out how much luggage your airline will allow.

Currency exchange information

International access codes for phone calls

Other relevant university travel policies
Business and Finance Bulletin G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel
Business and Finance Bulletin B-74, Business Travel Accidental Insurance